Piercing Q&A

How do I schedule an appointment?

- Use the "book now" button on our instagram profile page @sugarandlola. Each appointment last 15 minutes where you will choose your jewelry and get pierced. Amy Loper, nurse practitioner, is in the shop 2 times a month for piercings.


How much is it to get pierced?

- Amy Loper numbs the ear prior to piercing with a needle. Her fee is $60 for 2 holes and $20 for each additional hole. Sugar & Lola sells the earrings starting with 14k studs starting at $55 for 3mm gold balls and $68 for crystal studs. Other studs are available and range from $98-$500.


Can I bring in my own earrings?

- We ask that you purchase your earrings from Sugar&Lola.


What piercings can I get done?

- The piercings that can be done consist of the lobe, upper lobe, conch, cartilage, and rook. 


What does aftercare look like?

- We send you home with a piercing aftercare packet with instructions and information on how to take care of your piercing. Healing time and stages is different for everyone. Wound wash and gauze is available for purchase.