OWNER: Laura Okoniewski (Lola)

Hi. I’m Laura Okoniewski, owner of Columbia, SC based Sugar & Lola. In 2010, I started making jewelry because I love the process of creating, working with my hands and using beautiful materials. For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to projects, fascinated by tools and learning new methods and skills. Yes, I took crochet classes when I was ten! I adore the gorgeous natural materials that I am lucky enough to work with in creating jewelry. 

I grew up in Cocoa Beach, Florida and spent plenty of time outdoors and in the water. My design aesthetic is relaxed, easygoing and natural. I gravitate toward jewelry that is simply pretty, comfortable and easy to wear. I intentionally design products in the line to be worn together or separately – I’m a big believer in options. I adore creating pieces that can be worn a couple of ways and mixed and matched so that you never get tired of wearing them.

In 2018, Sugar & Lola became a full time endeavor. As the company grows, the core principals remain the same: Sugar & Lola offers necklaces, earrings, bracelets, cuffs, rings and anklets that are stylish, well made and make you happy when you wear them. Great care is taken in selecting the most special charms, pendants, chains, semi-precious stones, crystals, pearls, diamonds, metal and leather used in all designs. The end result is jewelry that you’ll love to wear everyday.

Happy Shopping. Let me know what you find. Tag @sugarandlola on instagram wearing your favorite pieces! If you want to contact me directly, shoot me an email at lola@sugarandlola.com

xo, Lola

p.s. In case you wondered, Sugar is the name of my beloved childhood dog and Lola is my longtime nickname!


CSO: Marian Hoffman

Hi!  I’m Marian! I live in New York now, but was raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Our freshman year, Lola and I lived across the hallway from one another. Thus was born one of the world’s best friendships… and now a jewelry company. 

Although this is absolutely Lola’s brain child, I scurry around behind the scenes organizing, strategizing and making oodles of lists to allow her to spend her time creating beautiful jewelry. (I majored in Industrial Management, so I love a flowchart more than the next girl!)  And occasionally I will be struck by a design idea that we are able to bring to life. I am super tactile and obsessed with how things feel. That’s why Sugar and Lola jewelry tends toward smooth edges and luscious matte finishes.

Oh, and I loved sparkly things long before they were “in.” That’s why it’s such fun to shop at the gem shows and meet with manufacturers to create these little delights!

When Lola and I were trying to decide on my title, she only half-jokingly threw out CSO - Chief Sparkle Officer. Not only do I adore sparkly things, but I try to make sure that everyone around me is feeling sparkly and having a ball. Honestly, if you can’t have an absolute blast while building a company with your best friend, that’s on you. Lola and I will be right over here, cracking each other up, making gorgeous jewelry and creating our own little empire. ;)

In case you want to reach me directly, email me at marian@sugarandlola.com