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This darling 14k red enamel heart charm is named after Aragon, Spain—which is also the birthplace of one of the most prominent artists to exist during the Romanticism period, Francisco Goya. The intention of Goya’s work, along with the work of all Romantic artists, was to romanticize and glorify emotion, individualism, nature and even life itself—this notion in and of itself was the perfect inspiration for this beautifully crafted 14k gold heart charm with red enamel! So, if you love to find the beauty in things, or enjoy viewing life through rose-colored glasses, or simply want to express your individuality, this necklace is perfect for you!


  • 14k red enamel heart charm measures 6/16" L and 6/16" W
  • 14k red enamel heart charm comes on 15" gold-filled dainty cable chain with 3/4" extender 

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