Sugar & Lola



These studs are named after a small island and city in Florida—Sanibel Island. This tucked away oasis is quaint and charming and quickly became the perfect inspiration for these simple yet elegant 14k gold 3mm studs. Many consider this island to be one of Florida’s best kept secrets—and we feel the same way about these studs. Just like a little black dress, everyone should own at least one pair of simple gold studs; they are truly a must have—a staple piece if you will. Regardless of whether you want to enhance your look by adding these studs to your second or third hole, or simply want to rock them on their own, you really can’t go wrong! Also, because they are made with 14k gold, these studs will not fade and are guaranteed to last you a lifetime!


  • 3mm studs solid 14k gold (measures 2/16” L and 2/16” at widest part)
  • 2/16” thick

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