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The name of these simple yet sophisticated studs is inspired by the long and ancient history of the gold bar, and more specifically the name is inspired by the story of Cesellius Bassus—who was born in Tunis, Carthage. In this story, Bassus claims to know the whereabouts of vast amounts of gold shaped into ingots (gold bars made from pouring molten gold into molds of clay) in order to win the favor of the powerful Emperor Nero. Unfortunately, the gold was never found, but don’t fret—the history of the gold bar lives on and is beautifully emulated in these stunning 14k gold bar-shaped studs! Even better, when you wear these studs you’re guaranteed to make *fashion* history all on your own!


  • Gold bar studs solid 14k gold (measures 5/16” L and 1/16” at widest part)
  • 2/16” thick

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